Split Cooling Systems

Split Cooling Systems

Split System Service & Repairs

A “SPLIT SYSTEM” literally splits the mechanicals of your air-conditioner into two sections. The “inside” unit which houses a coil and very quiet fan is mounted inside your room (on any wall high or low to suit your furniture layout) and the outside unit which houses all the main components is located externally and interconnected with small copper tubes to the indoor section. This system allows more choice of position when locating the unit seen in your room and because most of the mechanicals are remote it is extremely quiet when operating.

These systems combine power with whisper-quiet operation and the remote control allows for simple and effective usage.

What does Inverter Technology mean?

The benefits of this inverter technology are:

  • Inverters eliminate fluctuations in room temperature
  • Inverters makes are the quietest units available
  • Inverters allow the units to cope with extreme temperatures
  • Inverters provide greater energy efficiency – it can reduce running costs by up to 30%

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