Harley Plumbing takes great care to minimise its impact on the environment.

Measures include: the use of recycled paper in the office; and the return and re-use of packaging such as wooden pallets. We also recycle the cardboard packaging after the installation of a large appliance.

In terms of power used, every kilowatt of electricity used in our factory is replaced on the national grid by a renewable source.

Harley Plumbing provides training for all our engineers with regard to water saving and energy efficiency in order that our trained professionals can provide advice to our customers.

Harley Plumbing continually seeks and researches new and emerging ways to reduce its impact on the environment including new environmental.

Water Saving Tips

While warter-saving-shower-head we will discuss with our clients the most efficient measures when installing an appliance in the home, there’s nothing like saving water in little ways, everyday. It adds up, and the tips on this page should help you save water, money and help the environment.


  • Keep lawns longer in dry periods
  • Consider plants which require less watering like succulents and natives
  • Use mulch on your garden beds to reduce evaporation
  • Control weeds as they compete with your plants for water
  • Add soil-wetting agents
  • Sprinklers can use 1000 litres of water per hour-use a timer or keep a close eye on them to conserve your tank water
  • Water during the cooler periods of the day, early morning or late evening

In the Home

Green-Recycle-Air-ConditionerEnsure that no taps, toilets or showers are leaking – have these checked by your plumber on an annual basis.

Install only water efficient appliances including shower heads, toilets and taps.

Look for the energy rating on all gas hot water units, air-conditioners and heaters and ask our trained professionals for their recommendations.

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