Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

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Unblock Blocked Drains Melbourne

Do you have a blocked drain in Melbourne that you just can’t unblock? You have probably tried using a coat hanger or drain cleaner but the drain blockage persists. At Harley Plumbing we have invested in drain unblocking technology to get to the “root” of the problem. First we use high def cameras to source the blockage, we then access and fix the block to give you years of hassle free use.

Harley Plumbing is a Melbourne based blocked drain plumber. Call us to clear blocked drains – 1300 768 457

24 Hour Blocked Drain Plumber EMERGENCY Service AVAILABLE

Our Blocked Drain Service is suitable for homes, business and Councils located in Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and North East Suburbs of Melbourne. We provide a state of the art pipe relining system for broken pipes that means the broken section is fixed, rather than all the pipes ripped out.

Pipes broken/ruptured or sewers blocked?

We specialise in the latest technology, combined with years of experience in the plumbing industry, to provide world class – drain repair solutions. We are an experienced blocked drain plumber. We make sure all our plumbers are using the latest proven technology as well as having the ‘hands on knowledge’ of hundreds of different types of jobs. All of this means you can trust us with your job. We will take care of it for you promptly and professionally.

24 HOUR SERVICE AVAILABLE for Blocked Drains Emergencies

Service Includes:

  • Unblock Stormwater drain blockage
  • Unblock Sewer blockage
  • Unblock Kitchen Sink blockage
  • Unblock Toilet Blockage
  • Unblock sinks
  • Pipe Relining

Our Blocked Drain Service includes:

  • Chemical-based clearing for minor blockages such as basins, baths or showers.
  • Fixing common blockages comprising hair and soap grime build up and the like.
  • Sewer Snakes, to clear the main sewer’s blockages which up to 90% of the time are caused by tree roots, but sometimes foreign objects which have been put in the toilets.
  • With the aid of CCTV the sewer jet is used for particular stubborn blockages to diagnose, locate and repair the underlying cause of the blockage. If required, we can dig up the sewer, or if the conditions don’t allow, re-line the sewer using our state of art re-lining system
  • A maintenance program sewer cleaning for jobs that would cost too much to dig up or re-line

Blocked Drains Melbourne OR Leaking Pipe? Seeping Sewage? Blocked stormwater drains? Smashed/broken pipes?

Want a ‘no dig’, leak detecting and trenchless repair? Save time, no mess and most importantly save money!

Don’t remove and demolish all the pipes just to fix a damaged section. Save yourself a huge amount of money and headaches, not mention mess, by using a world class ‘patch repair’ system. We can insert a specially designed pipe re-liner, resin strengthened with a cured, inflatable bladder. After the broken section of pipe is unblocked and repaired, the drain repair system will be inserted and the drain will function as it’s supposed to.

How much to fix a blocked drain in Melbourne?

Don’t risk your drain repairs and potentially spend much more in the end. Drain repairs are a serious issue. The job needs to be done right the first time to make sure the repairs work and don’t block causing further issues. In saying that, you only need to turn on A Current Affair to see how many dodgy plumbers exist. If you have received a quote from another “draingage expert” ask us for a free cost comparison. The majority of customers find we are around 40-50% cheaper.

Blocked drains Melbourne create a variety of problems. We often find blocked drains in Melbourne where the clay is extremely thick. This requires more than just a high pressure hose.

Call now on 1300 768 457 or after hours on 0408 135 385
Drain cleaning Melbourne and blocked drain plumber solutions.

Benefits and features of the drain patch repair system:

  • Keep your drain cleaning costs down
  • Whole surfaces kept intact and not demolished to get underneath to pipes
  • Trenchless pipe meaning much less mud and dirt mess
  • Sewer relining repair meaning whole system does not have to be
  • replaced, keeping sewer drain cleaning costs under control
  • Clearing blocked stormwater drains without all the hassle of big excavations and plumber drain cleaning costs down
  • Blocked drain services offered that will keep overheads low and budgets in control
  • Don’t hesitate to call and speak to us now for advice. We can help in all plumbing crises, even after hours.

Who Is Responsible For Blocked Sewer Drains ?

The Property owner is normally responsible for blocked drains. As cases differ contact us on the details below and speak to one of our qualified drain plumbers.

Basically if it’s on your land you own it. If not you don’t.

Call Harley Plumbing Blocked Drain Service Now on 0408 135 385 or after hours on 1300 768 457

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Harley Plumbing is located at Factory 3B, 266 Bolton Street, Eltham, VIC 3095.

We’re up for unblocking your blocked drain.

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Ryan Harley with tree roots from a damage drain pipe
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“Easily the best blocked drain plumbers in Melbourne. The team at Harley Plumbing came around and inspected the pipe with their camera and cleared the muck so we could get on with the build. All in under 2 hours. Fantastic work guys”



“We moved into an older home in Camberwell needing some renovations. When we realised the pipe system was blocked and possibly broken, our budget seemed blown. I called Harley Plumbing and I still can’t believe how great they are. They used a camera to find the broken bit of pipe, and then instead of digging up my backyard, only a small hole was dug and the pipe fixed. Would recommend them any day!”


“I needed my blocked shower drain fixed in my Hawthorn apartment. I could not do it myself and I needed it fixed. ASAP Harley Plumbing came the same day and cleared the drain. No mess no fuss. Very happy!”


“When I arrived at work, the storm water drain was overflowing. It was 5am in the morning, I called Harleys Plumbing After Hours number and was so relieved to be able to explain the urgency of the situation. They came out straight away and prevented the workplace from flooding and causing thousands of dollars of damage. Since Harley plumbing worked their plumbing magic the drain has functioned perfectly. I am so glad I was able to contact Harley Plumbing so early. Delighted with their service and to recommend them.”


“We were doing some renovations to our property in Balwyn. We had hired a carpenter to build us a deck. All permits were in place. Due to the permit requiring a metre deep footing he arranged a mate to come and dig the holes with a machine. Unfortunately they didn’t bother to check the plumbing plan for our drains and they managed to break 3 different pipes. As they broke the pipes thick clay was sent down them. The drains were totally blocked. This also meant another delay to the job. We called Harley Plumbing as we had seen them in the area. They arrived promptly with the correct tools and were easily able to remove the clay and fix the broken drain pipes. We recommend Harley Plumbing drains service to anyone “

Jim – Balwyn North 

We get sent real testimonials just like these every day. We aim to please. For the best drain cleaning or drain unblocking in Melbourne, book in now!

Emergency Contacts

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Blocked Drain Plumbers

Our highly skilled blocked drain plumbers will come to your property and inspect your drainage issues with our advanced technology that pinpoints the leak or blockage at it’s source. This saves you time and money as we don’t need to dig where it’s not needed. For a free over the phone consultation call us today!


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