Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

Harley Plumbing provides blocked drain repairs plumbing for Melbourne homes and businesses. Our trustworthy and experienced plumbers work fast and make sure your plumbing is fixed the right way, and repairs last for a long time. Drain repairs work covers a lot of unseen pipes and drains in buildings. This often means problems can’t be seen by the naked eye and require our specialist plumbing equipment like drain cameras.

Sometimes a drain is so damaged it cannot even be repaired but needs replacing. We see this in cases of severe tree root damage or drains cracked from impacted soil or simply collapsed drains due to being old. Our plumbers can quickly replace your cracked and broken drains meaning less impact to your daily life.

>No matter whether its accidental drain damage or environmentally caused, Harley Plumbing has the expertise and skill to repair or replace or drain quickly and without fuss.

Common Problems That Cause Drains and Pipes Damage

  • Tree Roots
  • Old drains
  • Soil Movement
  • Decayed plastic sewer pipes
  • Debris in Stormwater drain
  • Sediment not clearing in pipes causing clogging


Harley Plumbing offers same day plumbing for blocked drains and sewers. As we know these need urgent attention to prevent major damage and disruption to homes and businesses. Our plumbers are 24/7 so no matter the time of day you can call us for urgent plumbing repairs.

Whether it’s leaks or collapsed underground pipes Harley Plumbing is a specialist drain repair plumbing team. We have specialist equipment in our vans that we bring to the job. This means we start fixing the drain as soon as we arrive onsite. The equipment includes fibre optic drain cameras and jets to clear pipes. Our specialist drain team not only fix the problem but give you peace of mind by getting to work as soon as we get to site.

How Much Will it Cost?

We know its not only the stress of plumbing damage to your home or business it’s the worry of how much money it will cost to fix. At Harley Plumbing we strive to provide clear, upfront and affordable plumbing prices. Even in a plumbing emergency we can advise upfront, a rough idea of the cost over the phone for you to agree to go ahead. And in non emergency jobs we will price the job upfront, meaning you don’t have to worry how long the job is as it’s not an by the hour cost. We take into account the time needed before we price up. Of course there are instances where unforeseen issues may increase the price but we will discuss with you as soon as we discover any such problems.

  • Price based on job not the hour
  • Upfront pricing – no hidden charges
  • Specialist drain plumber at affordable prices
  • Repair Guarantee
  • 24/7 emergency Melbourne plumber that will not charge unfairly

Call us for pricing and advice on drain repairs.

Our Service Area


” On the few hot days in Melbourne a year, it’s nice to know we will be staying cool. Thanks to Harley Plumbing for their quick service and getting our evaporative cooler working again”
Michael – Eltham

“We moved into our new home only 2 years ago. It was a typical hot summer day in Melbourne. Our system hadn’t been used for a year. We went to turn it on when we needed it most … and nothing! We called Harley Plumbing who were able to fix our system the same day. Thanks to Ryan and his team for marvelous service”
Maree H – Diamond Creek

“My wife just had a baby so it was important we could keep our home cool. The team at Harley Plumbing fixed our system quickly and at a reasonable price.”
Des P – Greensborough 

“I could not believe how fast our unit was fixed. Thanks again Ryan for your speedy service”
Melissa – Burwood South 

“Melbourne summers can be hot. Very Hot! Thanks to Harley Plumbing for fixing our Evaporative Cooling Service. Our Evap cooler is working again.”

Di – Eltham

“If you’re looking for evaporative cooling Melbourne then contact Harley Plumbing. We were extremely happy with the service and price.”

Ben – Box Hill North

“We’ve used Harley Plumbing for years. For my home in Kew and business in the CBD. The service is exceptional. If you’re Evaporative Cooler needs fixing then you won’t go wrong contacting the experts in Cooler repairs.”

Peter Kewell – Melbourne


happy family after evaporative cooling service

We get sent real testimonials just like these every day. We aim to please. With Summer upon us, book in now!

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