Drain Cleaning Tips and Advice

Drain Cleaning Tips and Advice

Trusted Melbourne Plumber Harley Plumbing offers drain cleaning services which helps avoid major drain repair work, which can not only be costly but interrupt daily living and be quite messy. Regular drain cleaning prevents expensive plumbing repairs. If drains are cleaned and any small issues get addressed immediately you can prevent bigger issues and save money. You can follow our tips for DIY drain cleaning tips and advice on when to call out Harley Plumbing for plumbing jobs that can’t be a DIY job.

First up it is so important to deal with any problems quickly.

  • Any gurgling or clanking noises in the toilet pipes could indicate a sewerage block. This can quickly turn into a major issue with toilets overflowing and unable to be used.
  • Toilets that have water levels too high or too low can mean drain issues.
  • Slow leaking taps or showers not only wastes water but means something is not quite right with the plumbing hardware. If left unchecked it could mean the taps or shower heads break completely causing much bigger water leaks.
  • Clogged storm water drains cause very damaging issues like gutter and roof overflows. These can cause major home or business damage with flooding. Costing thousands.
  • Smelly drains indicate the pipes are not emptying properly. The build up will eventually cause the pipe to block and plumbing repairs will cost more.

DIY Drain Cleaning

These tips are commonly used in households for drain cleaning and upkeep. Just make sure you follow any specific instructions given for your plumbing hardware and kitchen appliances.

  • Run an empty load for your dishwasher and washing machine with half a cup of white vinegar. Not only will this help clean the appliance but it will help to clean the pipes and drains attached to the machine.
  • Every year remove pipes under the sink and inspect for any small blockage and wash the removable pipes with a mixture of hot water and cup of vinegar.
  • Every couple of months pour ¾ cup of baking soda over the plug hole of your sink, then pour ½ a cup of white vinegar over the baking soda. Leave for 30 mins and then run hot water for 2 minutes. You can also try this for a clogged drain but if it does not fix call out Harley plumbing for further inspection.

Drain problems can not always be fixed by supermarket cleaning products. Harley Plumbing can assist with partial blocked drains and smaller issues that you can’t fix yourself. Don’t wait to call in the professionals – prevent bigger drain problems and keep your plumbing costs down. Our plumbers will diagnose the issue with our equipment like drain cameras and sometimes it’s as simple as our pressure hoses dislodging the blockage. Whatever the fix is we will talk it over with you and discuss the best remedy and how much the plumbing costs. That way you know exactly what plumbing work is being done and have the price upfront. We never want to charge hidden costs and do work you have not agreed to. Call us for a drain inspection or drain cleaning service and prevent avoidable drain problems.

How to Unclog a Drain

  1. Pour ¾ cup of baking soda over the plug hole of your sink
  2. Then pour ½ a cup of white vinegar over the baking soda
  3. Leave for 30 mins
  4. Run hot water for 2 minutes.

If the drain blocks up again either straight away or within a few days/weeks call us to come and inspect and fix the issue. Leaving it will only make a more expensive problem.

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