Evaporative Cooling Repairs

Evaporative Cooling Repairs

Evaporative Cooling Service & Repairs

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Is Your Evaporative Cooling due for a service?

All evaporative cooler manufacturers recommend you service your unit every 2 years. We cover eastern and northern suburbs of Melbourne – Call NOW 1300 768 457

Located in Melbourne East, North or North East ? Just turned on your Evaporative Cooling System to find it’s gone kaput! Contact us today. We specialise in service and maintenance of all Evaporative Cooling Systems

Is your evap cooler ready for 2019 summer? Don’t leave a servicing until the last minute when everyone else calls. Service your evaporative cooling system now and avoid delays

24 Hour Service AVAILABLE

Did you know an Evaporative Cooler should be serviced every 2 years? Keep your family safe with an evaporative cooling service this year. It’s a minimal cost for the safety for you and your family.

Our Evaporative Cooling Services Include:

  • Check correct operation of pump
  • Check correct operation of fan (tension fan belt if applicable)
  • Check correct water level
  • Check operation of dump valve
  • Inspect and fix duct work
  • Operate and Test

We regularly service and repair Evaporative Cooling System Brands including:

We are also able to install and supply new evaportive cooling systems for  change over of any of the above brands.  We are able to supply most units cheaper than our competitors.

Don’t Stay Hot This Summer With A Broken Evaporative Cooler! Contact us today.

Evaporative Cooler repairs are our specialty!

We offer highly competitive rates. 24 Hours a day/7 Days a week.

Get the best price for your repair

Evaporative Cooling Service Melbourne

Call NOW1300 768 457

What is evaporative cooling?

Evaporative cooling is natures’ most efficient way of cooling – through the evaporation of water! Evaporative coolers do exactly that, they cool by drawing warm or hot air through wet pads using a fan blower.

Evaporative cooling is becoming more and more popular in Melbourne as it is best suited to warm, dry climates without intense humidity.

It also gives the feeling of bringing the outdoors in, by allowing open doors and windows while the air-conditioning is running

(In fact – this is essential!)

Australian studies have shown that even large evaporative coolers usually cost between 5 and 10 cents per hour to run. So, on a hot Melbourne day, it can cost under $1 to run an evaporative cooler for the whole day!

At that price, wouldn’t you rather stay cool than leaving your Evap System there to rust?

Evaporative Cooling Tip!

It is most efficient to open (approximately half way) the window in the rooms that you are cooling that are farthest from the vent. The open window is acting as an exhaust for the cooled air.

The benefits of Evaporative Cooling

  1. It is a Cost effective option for cooling an entire house or office area.
  2. Internal air becomes comfortably cool not uncomfortably cold.
  3. Your evaporative air conditioner can be used to cleanse the air in your home e.g. cooking or smoking smells can be blown away.

Common Evap Cooling Problems

  • Burning smell coming through vents
  • Water running out of the unit on to roof
  • Evaporative Cooler Fan runs but no cool air

Don’t leave your system to rust. If you need a evaporative cooling repair or quote call us now

Our evap Service Area


” On the few hot days in Melbourne a year, it’s nice to know we will be staying cool. Thanks to Harley Plumbing for their quick service and getting our evaporative cooler working again”
Michael – Eltham

“We moved into our new home only 2 years ago. It was a typical hot summer day in Melbourne. Our system hadn’t been used for a year. We went to turn it on when we needed it most … and nothing! We called Harley Plumbing who were able to fix our system the same day. Thanks to Ryan and his team for marvelous service”
Maree H – Diamond Creek

“My wife just had a baby so it was important we could keep our home cool. The team at Harley Plumbing fixed our system quickly and at a reasonable price.”
Des P – Greensborough 

“I could not believe how fast our unit was fixed. Thanks again Ryan for your speedy service”
Melissa – Burwood South 

“Melbourne summers can be hot. Very Hot! Thanks to Harley Plumbing for fixing our Evaporative Cooling Service. Our Evap cooler is working again.”

Di – Eltham

“If you’re looking for evaporative cooling Melbourne then contact Harley Plumbing. We were extremely happy with the service and price.”

Ben – Box Hill North

“We’ve used Harley Plumbing for years. For my home in Kew and business in the CBD. The service is exceptional. If you’re Evaporative Cooler needs fixing then you won’t go wrong contacting the experts in Cooler repairs.”

Peter Kewell – Melbourne


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We get sent real testimonials just like these every day. We aim to please. With Summer upon us, book in now! 

1. Remove and wash pads.

2. Clean out tray of cooler to remove all dirt and mud.

3. Tighten Collett and replace if needed (extra cost)*.

4. Check fan capacitor and replace if needed (extra cost)*.

5. Check correct operation of pump.

6. Check correct operation of fan (tension fan belt if applicable).

7. Check correct water level and adjust if needed.

8. Check operation of dump valve.

9. Make sure drain is clear.

10. Operate and Test.

11. Check air flow at all vents

Single storey

Call Out inc 30mins on site


Each 15 minutes thereafter


Double storey

$253 1st 45mins

Each 15 minutes thereafter


  • Brivis
  • Kaden
  • Braemar
  • Breeze air
  • Cool breeze
  • Bon-aire
  • Cool air
  • Aqua breeze

Yes, you must have a door or window open to allow the fresh cool air to replace the old hot air. However, there are specific relief vents available if you’re not comfortable leaving your home with the doors or windows open.

There is also ways to manipulate the air to exit the house where you would like extra air flow. Such as through a room without any direct cooling vents, this will force all of the new cool air to push through this room helping to cool it too.

We recommend seasonal maintenance (pre and postseason) if you have a cooler fitted with a bleed system, including regular servicing of your evaporative air conditioner. If your evaporative cooler is fitted with a drain valve, no seasonal maintenance is required, but maintenance checks are essential to ensure the cooler operates efficiently for many years.

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