Clearing Tree Roots

Clearing Tree Roots

If you have blocked sewer pipes or drains tree roots can often be the culprit. Tree roots invade drains both stormwater and sewer. Even if you can remove the tree root form the drain, there may be further drain damage only a drain camera inspection can discover.

Older drains made from terracotta often attract tree roots as the roots grows towards the moisture seeping out of joins or very small cracks. But tree roots also damage PVC pipes.

At Harley Plumbing we use the latest technology and equipment to unblock the drain and remove the debris. Not only can we remove the problem tree roots we have a number of solutions to repair the drain.

Pipe Relining

Once we have used electric drain clearing equipment either high pressure water jet blasters or root cutters we can access the state of the drain. A cost effective solution is relining the pipe with a new pipe fitted inside the existing one. This avoids costly and disruptive excavation works. And results in a new water tight pipe for drain for sewer or stormwater flow.

Drain camera equipment can show us how damaged the pipes are and if this solution is viable. We use specialist cutting tools to completely remove the tree roots before the pipe is relined. And a drainage survey will identify any other issues such as drain corrosion or collapsed drains. This way we know how much of the drain needs to be relined and prevent any further draining problems.

Repairing Tree Root Damage

How to recognise the signs of a blocked drain.

  • Foul smell from toilets, sinks and household drains
  • Slow draining water from baths, sinks and showers
  • Uneven level of toilet water

All of these are strong signs wastewater is not flowing properly to your main sewer. It is urgent to call us as soon as possible and we also offer emergency 24/7 Plumbing services. And if not an immediate emergency we get to you on the same day. Call us for a drain cleaning service when you suspect any blockage of your drains. Leaving an issue like this can result in extensive drain damage that will be very expensive.

How to Avoid Tree Root Damage

Drains attract trees simply because they have flowing water and emanate moisture through the soil. The only guaranteed way you can prevent root damage to your drains is to remove any large trees or bushes close to your drainage system.

A good solution to keep your garden green is to plant small shrubs that do not have a large root system close to your underground drainage system. Just make sure you remove them if they grow too large.

If you prefer to keep your existing trees and garden call us for a drain system inspection and we can advise if there is any existing cracks or possible tree root damage and act before it becomes an issue. A yearly tree root inspection for your drains can help avoid disaster.

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