Drain Camera Inspections

Drain Camera Inspections

Drain cameras are essential tools for our Plumbers. With this equipment we can see exactly what is causing drain issues and where the blockage is. No digging holes unnecessarily all over your yard looking for the blockage. With a drain camera we will pinpoint the exact position.

Harley Plumbing uses the top of range drain cameras with CCTV and fibre optics technology. Using drain camera technology means we can let you know the costs for unblocking your drain upfront. If you are looking for a same day drain camera inspection in Melbourne call Harley Plumbing. Our qualified and licensed plumbers will get to you asap.

Drain Camera Inspections and Cleaning Melbourne

The best CCTV drain camera inspection Melbourne plumbers provide. Harley Plumbers specialise in drain plumbing. Our specialist drain camera technology saves you money as we can pinpoint issues fast and fix them.

  • Non-invasive camera inspections
  • No costly excavation
  • Guarantee on all plumbing work
  • Solution to recurring drain blockages
  • Cost effective plumbing
  • Hyper-flexible and long length drain cameras
  • Home and business drain inspections

We recommend CCTV drain inspections to be completed when drain cleaning is being done. After we have cleared the blockage the CCTV drain inspection will show us if there is a issue such as cracked drain or tree roots that is going to cause another blockage. Sometimes it may just be a debris and dirt build up in an otherwise functioning drain, and the drain will not block again after cleaning. It’s only through drain camera inspections that you can discover the real drain blockage issue. This why we recommend calling us at Harley Plumbing for your drain issues. As standard we bring drain cameras and make sure we complete a full CCTV pipe inspection.

Without CCTV drain inspections it is only a guess as to what the real issue is. Beware of any plumber that diagnoses a drain as cracked or collapsed without a camera inspection. They are only guessing and may cost you a lot more than is necessary.

Our CCTV camera inspections also work with a built in sonde which is technology that sends signals to the camera box. Making it possible for us to mark above ground the exact location of the camera inside the drain. So we can see the blockage visually on the CCTV and also pinpoint the exact location of the blockage in the drain.

Insurance Claim for Cracked Drain and Pipes

Harley Plumbing often works with body corporates, businesses and homeowners for insurances purposes. We produce reports required when making an insurance claim.

  • Cracks appearing in walls
  • Ground movement
  • Wet areas outside
  • These can all indicate broken or cracked terracotta and PVC piping. Along with the report we supply the camera recording of your drain inspection for insurance purposes.

Concrete Slab Drain Inspections

Builders require our service to inspect drainage before or after the concrete slab is poured. With CCTV drain camera inspections for builders we can insert the small fibre optic camera through accessible openings and visually inspect the condition of the pipes before further building works. This way builders can sign off that the pipes are not damaged by excavation or debris.

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Michael – Eltham

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Maree H – Diamond Creek

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Des P – Greensborough 

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Di – Eltham

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Peter Kewell – Melbourne


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