Blocked Storm Drains From the Rain

Has heavy rain in Melbourne caused a blocked storm water drain? A blocked storm water drain is usually caused by weather events like heavy rain over an extended period or a strong storm with heavy rain. What happens when a storm water drain gets blocked? The first sign of a blocked storm water drain is overflowing gutters and downpipes. You will see water running from your gutters instead of flowing into the downpipes. These pipes connect to the storm water drainage in the street. So if you see overflowing gutters or even water pooling in your front or backyard you have a blocked storm drain and need an emergency plumber. 

Harley Plumbing provides 24 hour Blocked Drain Plumber emergency services. We can help residential homes, businesses and councils located in Northern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs and North East Suburbs of Melbourne. 

Don’t Get Ripped Off By a Dodgy Plumber

You need a blocked drain plumber specialist because we have all the right equipment. We have specialist technology like drain cameras, sewer snakes, high pressure plumbing hoses and the experience to do the job right. If it isn’t done right it is going to cost you more down the track. Repairing a blocked storm water drain is a serious plumbing issue. You only need to turn on A Current Affair to see how many dodgy plumbers exist. If you have received a quote from another “drainage expert” ask us for a free cost comparison. The majority of customers find we are around 40-50% cheaper.  But most importantly also we know how to do the job correctly and actually fix the main issue, meaning no ongoing drain issues. 

Suburbs like Mernda, Doreen, Eltham, Greensborough and areas located in the North East tend to have extremely thick clay that in rain events can be dislodged and cause stormwater blockages. This type of clay needs our special high pressure hose to get the clay out. 

Then if we find the drain is damaged we provide a state of the art pipe relining system for broken pipes that means the broken section is fixed, rather than all the pipes ripped out.

Does My Yard Have to Be Dug Up to Fix a Blocked Storm Water Drain?

Avoid any unnecessary digging up of your yard. We offer a ‘no dig’ leak detection and trenchless repair. This not only saves a mess but also saves money as the repair is completed quicker than digging trenches. Our blocked drain repair service is done by using a world class ‘patch repair’ system. We can insert a specially designed pipe re-liner, resin strengthened with a cured, inflatable bladder. After the broken section of pipe is unblocked and repaired, the drain repair system will be inserted and the drain will function as it’s supposed to.

What Causes Storm Drains to Get Blocked?

Blocked storm water drains can cause backflow into your home also so it’s important to call a plumber as soon as you suspect a blocked drain. Remember you will see overflowing gutters and downpipes, plus there might even be water pooling in your yard. Water damage in homes can ruin floors, ceilings and walls, and makes for costly repairs. Blocked drains in storm events can be caused by the excess water itself or debris from the storm like dislodged tree roots, heavy clay, old pipes or even a broken pipe that you were not aware of until a heavy downpour. Clean your gutters twice a year as in a storm or downpour all the gutter debris can be a cause of blockage. 

Why Harley Plumbing is the Best Emergency Plumber for Blocked Drains

We are a 24 Hour Emergency Plumber. Call us anytime on any day of the year. Emergency plumbing is a serious issue and we will get to you asap. The first thing we do is look to prevent further damage, then address the problem.

  • Whole surfaces kept intact and not demolished to get underneath to pipes
  • Trenchless pipe meaning much less mud and dirt mess
  • Sewer relining repair meaning whole system does not have to be
  • replaced, keeping sewer drain cleaning costs under control
  • Clearing blocked stormwater drains without all the hassle of big excavations and plumber drain cleaning costs down
  • Blocked drain services offered that will keep overheads low and budgets in control

Don’t hesitate to call and speak to us now for advice. We can help in all plumbing crises, even after hours.

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