Gas or Electric?

Are you buying a new hot water system and want to get the right hot water system for your home? There is a huge range of hot water systems to choose from including brands, sizes, solar, continuous water systems and gas or electric. With all these choices it can be hard to narrow down the right one. We are experienced plumbers and we install new hot water systems every day. In fact, we even supply brand new hot water systems starting from just over $1700 including installation. So we can take the stress from you and quote you the right system that saves you money and provides continuous hot water!

If you want some more information on hot water systems, then read  our buying guide.

Even before you start looking online for the brand you need to decide what energy system you need. Solar gas hot water systems are most popular in Melbourne, but you can buy electricity, gas (non-solar) and heat pump systems. 

Solar Hot Water Systems

Gas solar hot water systems are more expensive to buy than electric or gas without solar but they are cheaper to operate as they use solar power. They still work at night or on cloudy days as the system can use gas energy from the grid too. These hot water systems use a continuous flow meaning the hot water is stored and available 24/7. Get us to install this for you as you need an experienced plumber to install the solar panel in the right spot. It’s critical to get the most solar power possible. 

Electric Hot Water Systems

Whilst you might see electric hot water systems cheaper to buy than natural gas they are more expensive to run due to the cost of electricity. Off-peak electricity is cheaper to run these systems on but you need to buy a large-sized tank system to keep the water heated 24/7. Electric hot water systems come in both storage and continuous flow. 

 Gas Hot Water Systems

Gas hot water systems are slightly more in price than electricity but they are cheaper to run. This is because the gas is cheaper but also they are more efficient energy wise with 6-star ratings usually. Gas hot water systems continuously heat the water meaning you have hot water instantaneously 24/7/. 

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

These hot water systems are the most expensive to purchase but are the cheapest to run. Heat pump water systems are not widely used and are usually for a specific type of house or buyer. They are extremely energy efficient and typically use 75% less electricity compared to electric hot water systems. Similar to the way reverse cycle air conditioners work, the heat pump system uses energy from the air to heat the water. 

What Size System? 

How big is your home and family? This determines the size of the hot water system needed. A one-person household e.g. a one-bed apartment needs a 50L system. And then use that measure of 50 Litres per person to make a calculation for your home. But take into account the other appliances that use hot water like a dishwasher and washing machine. We can ask you some guiding questions and recommend the right size system for you. 

Unless you are building a new home it’s likely you are replacing an old hot water system, and if you have not been running out of hot water then you probably have the right-sized system.

What Do Plumbers Think is The Best Hot Water System? 

As experienced Melbourne plumbers we recommend solar gas continuous-flow hot water systems. They work the best for everyday use for all sized households and are energy efficient meaning cheaper to run, 

Gas Hot Water System Prices

At Harley Plumbing we are able to provide some of the best hot water system prices that include installation. Compare our results with our competitors. You will not get a cheaper hot water system price that is fully installed and delivered to your home. Our plumbers know exactly what needs to be done. See our hot water prices below. Have you been quoted a better price elsewhere? Call us to discuss your needs.

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