Winter is Coming – Get Your Heater Ready 

Heaters are already being switched on with Melbourne starting to feel chilly and experiencing cold blasts before winter has even set in. Plus during this time many people find themselves at home during the working day and heaters are going to be working harder than ever. Imagine going to switch the ducted heating on during a 7 degree winters day and the heating system will not turn on. Avoid any ducted heating problems by picking up any repair issues before they become a huge issue. 

It is essential to keep your heating system well maintained with regular servicing which avoids breakdowns and prevents expensive heater repair work. Even with regular ducted gas heater services, heaters will sometimes require repairs over its lifespan. So it’s a good idea to recognise signs that your ducted gas heater needs repairs. 

  1. Higher bills

If you notice a sizable jump in your energy bills then this is a sign your gas ducted heater is not working properly. It may be a thermostat issue that is making the heater pump harder and longer causing your bills to skyrocket. Or there is an issue making the heater work inefficiently and to identify the cause you need a professional. As we specialise in gas ducted heater repairs and services its best to call us asap to get your heater working properly.

  1. Pilot light keeps going out

Why does my pilot light keep turning off?  The pilot light is the small flame that is the key to your heating, it ignites the gas needed to start the heating. You do not need to worry about gas leaks if your pilot light goes out as there is a fail-safe built into the appliance to switch off the gas. For all modern appliances this fail-safe switch is built in – if you are worried about an older heater and gas leaks please call us asap to check the safety of the gas appliance. If your pilot light on the central ducted gas heater keeps going off then this is a major issue that needs attention urgently. 

  1. Always having to adjust the temperature

The temperature should only need to be adjusted at the start or end of the day. If you find the temperature is constantly having to be turned up or down then this is another telltale sign the heater needs repair work. Ignoring a problem like this will only result in costly repair and maybe even mean the system breaks beyond repair. Buying a brand new ducted gas heating system is so much more expensive than booking a repair. Don’t put it off hoping it may sort itself out – it won’t and will only get worse. 

  1. Odd sounds

Often we get calls from people booking a repair for gas heating because they are hearing odd sounds. Your heater should be operating relatively quietly. If you notice it’s very loud as the heat cycle is about to start or it is loud as the cycle shuts off this indicates a problem. A gas ducted heater in good repair will only make minimal noise. If the roof unit is louder than what has been normal it’s time for a service or repairs. Any clicking noises or other strange sounds require immediate attention, call us to describe the sound and we will advise further. 

  1. Continuous cycling

Gas ducted heating systems work to heat only as needed to keep the home heated to your set temperature. The heating cycle should turn off once the desired temp is reached. If your heating cycle is continuous or has very short breaks in between cycles then something is definitely wrong.  With every cycle, further damage is being done to your unit which means costlier repairs or complete replacement. Common reasons for continuous cycling may be a failed compressor or the system may need a professional clean. 

  1. Cold or too warm in different rooms

Each room of your home should be the same temperature or at least fairly similar as there may be some fluctuations caused by windows or doors. But if there are noticeable differences in temperatures, for example, colder upstairs or bedrooms then it’s time to call us. 

  1. Signs of soot

Can you see visible signs of black soot on the flue terminal or adjacent walls? Regular servicing also picks up soot stains on the walls of the internal walls of the unit. This staining is almost impossible for you to pick up unless specifically looking for it. Soot or discolouration around the flue or walls indicates an issue. And as this can be linked to carbon monoxide is a serious issue. Again this is a reason regular servicing of gas appliances especially ducted heating is a must. 

  1. Burning smell

Can you smell a burning smell when you turn on the heater? This is especially common when turning on the heater for the first time when the cold Melbourne weather hits. One of the most common reasons for the burning smell coming from the ducts is excessive dust in the vents. If this smell lasts longer than a couple of hours when the heater is used for the first time after a long hiatus or the heater suddenly starts to give off a burning smell after being in use for weeks/months then this can indicate an issue. 

  1. The heater will not turn on 

This is fairly self-explanatory – your temperature panel lights may be on or not, but the heat cycle does not start no matter what temp the heater is set at. We can get to you asap and figure out what is going on. 

  1. The heater has not been serviced in a long time 

Regular maintenance and servicing are important to avoid many of the above problems and stop costly repairs plus keep your heater working throughout Melbournes freezing winters. 

How much does it cost to get your gas ducted heating serviced? 

Price = $180 plus GST for the first 30 mins. Then $35.45 + GST for each 15mins thereafter. Plus any costs for parts

*Price valid as of 19/05/2020 and is subject to change. Please check pricing at booking.

Service includes:

  • Removing and washing burners
  • Remove and clean/replace the pilot injector
  • Replace thermocouple (if applicable)
  • Clean flame sensors (if applicable)
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks (important to stop carbon monoxide from entering the home)
  • Check burner pressure is set correctly
  • Check for the correct operation of the fan motor/capacitor (replace capacitor if required) additional cost
  • Complete a full Carbon monoxide test throughout the home
  • Provide a written report if requested

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