Rebate For Solar Gas Hot Water System Installation

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One of the best reasons to switch to gas hot water is if your existing system is an electric one. The Victorian government offers rebates of up to $1000 to switch from electric hot water systems to solar gas hot water and up to $850 to switch to gas hot water. Plus you will save on reduced energy costs meaning savings of $160 to $400 a year. That’s $1000 in your pocket and $1600 and $4000 saved over ten years in bills.

Electric hot water systems are more expensive to run than gas hot water systems. Instant gas hot water is just that – instant, it does not take extra power to heat the water like electric. And with a solar gas system, you save even more. It costs on average anywhere from $800 to $1200 a year to operate the electric system. That is double the cost of running a gas system. So whilst research might indicate it’s cheaper to install and purchase an electric hot water system it is going to cost you double every year.

And with the rebate for gas hot water, you can now also save on installation and purchase. Harley Plumbing knows all of the details and can advise you on the eligibility and make sure you secure the rebate.

Gas VS Electric Water Heater

Gas hot water is cheaper to run than electric making it more cost-effective over its lifetime. It will cost more to purchase and install than electric but running costs offset this. Gas hot water is more energy efficient because it heats water faster than electricity. A big advantage of gas hot water is instant heating of the water compared to electric hot water which takes a bit of time to warm up. This contributes to water wastage as well as running more power. Plus in power blackouts, gas is not interrupted like electricity.

How to Apply for the Gas Hot Water Rebate?

It’s an easy process to apply for getting your hot water system rebate. The rebate applies to solar gas and gas hot water systems.

Step One

Firstly call Harley Plumbing and get a quote. Let us know you will be applying for a rebate and we can advise you on the process. We can book you in for a date but cannot go ahead until you gain approval for rebate. That’s because if you install a gas hot water system before the rebate is approved you will not be able to get the money back.

The quote from Harley Plumbing means you can get an eligibility number and then we use that to confirm your installation plus a rebate.

Step Two

Once you get our quote and apply to Solar Victoria they will send you an eligibility pack to complete. Once done send back the document which can be done via a secure link on the web. (Scroll down to end for link). Solar Victoria then assesses your application and will inform you and Harley Plumbing on the approval.

Step Three

Now we can install the gas hot water system. It’s important to use an experienced plumber like Harley plumbing because if you get the wrong system installed then the government will not pay the rebate. The rebate is paid directly to Harley Plumbing and we deduct the amount from your invoice. The process is transparent as the rebate amount is clearly stated by the government and shown on your invoice.

What About Emergency Hot Water System Replacement?

In the case of emergency hot water systems repairs and replacement, the rebate is still available. You do not need to wait for the eligibility criteria to be approved. At the time of emergency repairs let us know you want to apply for the rebate. Our plumber can let you know if the gas hot water system you install will be eligible for the rebate. Generally, the rule is if the hot water system is broken or unsafe then the rebate can be applied retrospectively.

Harley Plumbing is up to date with the approved gas hot water systems that are approved by the government for rebates. We will only install a system approved for the rebate to make sure you can get it.

What is the Eligibility Criteria?

  • Owner-occupiers
  • Combined household taxable income of less than $180,000 per annum
  • A home valued under $3 million
  • Replacing a hot water system that is at least 3 years old
  • Not received a solar PV rebate or a battery rebate under the
  • Solar Homes program
  • Existing home, not a new build
  • The hot water system must be on the approved product list
  • Properties that are connected to reticulated natural gas, without solar PV greater than 2.5kW, can only install gas-booster solar hot water systems

How Do I Know When to Replace my Hot Water System?

Firstly if you have an electric system that is more than 3 years old you may meet the rebate eligibility so even if you do not have any of the below reasons you can still replace your system.

  1. Water is leaking
  2. Pilot light goes out a lot or is not working
  3. Hot water runs out frequently
  4. Water pressure is low
  5. The system is noisy and makes odd sounds
  6. No hot water

Apply For Rebate 

Call Harley Plumbing for a free rebate assessment and we can get you set up for a new gas hot water system with the government rebate applied.

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