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Has your evap cooling ever been serviced or cleaned? Dusty AC ducts blow dirty air particles throughout your home and also prevents the evaporative cooler from working efficiently – costing you more on your bills. With summer fast approaching now is the time to call Harley Plumbing and book in a clean and service.
We advise that even if you believe your AC system is working fine it should be cleaned and serviced at least once a year. Dirt and dust accumulate in the ductwork and the unit itself and stay there until cleaned by a professional. Dirty evaporative coolers pose a health risk and in the worst case can be a fire hazard. Energy Safe Victoria has a recommendation stating that evap cooling systems should be cleaned annually as some fires have been shown to be by evaporative coolers in Victoria over recent years.

A clean evap cooling system is essential for your health and also your wallet. Even if your system has been working smoothly and well, dust and dirt have been hoarding within the system. This article pens down the importance of cleaning your machine to your wallet and your health.

Benefits of Cleaning your Evap Cooling System

1. Improves the efficiency

When dust, debris, and dirt accrue on the ductwork together with the air filters, they negatively affect the performance of the system. You don’t want this. If the air filters are dirty, they will restrict the flow of air; this translates to the device working harder than it is supposed to. The dust particles also shelter the evaporation coil. This additionally minimizes the system`s ability to cool your home well as it is supposed to. With these two ways of how the efficiency and performance of your unit are reduced, then it is crucial to clean your system. Cleaning the unit will significantly boost the system`s efficiency.

2. It Reduces your Electricity Bills

Nobody likes it when forced to dig deep in your wallet for electricity bills and especially when it’s something you can easily prevent. One of the ways to save your account from electricity bills is by cleaning up your Evap cooling unit. It is estimated that heating and cooling units will swallow up to 40% of your energy consumption in one household. When your system is dirty, it will operate harder than how it is supposed to; this will increase the power consumed hence increasing your electricity bills. Having the system cleaned regularly can see your power bills slashed by almost 20%!

3. Prevent Breakdowns and Repairs

Some regular problems are associated with this system. Including overheating and particle build-up. Regular cleaning by Harley Plumbing will ensure that these problems are eliminated, and also, will detect any issues with your system. This means we can keep them from escalating into expensive or unfixable breakdowns. Saving you money. Plus means the air conditioning is not breaking down in summer.

4. Breath Better Air Quality

When dust particles accumulate, they create a stale smell that emanates from the air ducts. This will affect the quality of air that is being circulated in your house. Clean air ducts will ensure that there is no odour, and hence fresh air will be supplied into your room. Cleaning the unit to remove dust and debris to ensure that you breathe clean and fresh air at your house.

5. Create a Clean and a Safe Environment

Dust is unhygienic. It contains pollutants like hair from pets and particles like pollen. Apart from the contaminants, dirt will form a bed for the breeding of fungi and bacteria. By cleaning up your unit, you keep your house free from these pollutants and contaminants. They are known to be an irritant to respiratory diseases like asthma or other allergic occurrences.

How Often Does Evap Aircon Need Servicing or Cleaning?

We recommend evaporative Cooler should be serviced every 2 years.

  • Our Evaporative Cooling Services Include:
  • Check correct operation of the pump
  • Check correct operation of the fan (tension fan belt if applicable)
  • Check the correct water level
  • Check operation of the dump valve
  • Inspect and fix ductwork
  • Operate and Test

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