How often should my evap cooler get serviced?

How often should my evap cooler get serviced? Make sure your evap cooler powers through the new year in January and keeps your home cool. Cut down on energy costs by servicing your cooling pads to make sure the unit is running at peak efficiency. If your evaporative cooling system is not working properly then … Read more

Install Evap Cooling in Melbourne – Book Now Before the Summer Rush


Install Evap Cooling in Melbourne – Book Now Before the Summer Rush With Melbourne’s dry hot summer climates evaporative coolers is a very effective air conditioner to cool your home. People often describe the cool air blown from an evap cooler as that of a cool coastal breeze. Cool air blown in from the water … Read more

My Air Conditioner is Leaking Water


Why do Air Conditioners Drip? A/Cs cool your home by conditioning the indoor air and reducing the humidity. It works thanks to the air conditioners cooling coil or evaporators absorbing moisture from the air. The airborne water vapour cools into liquid form then collects on cold surfaces in the ac unit, ergo condensation and dripping.  … Read more

Evaporative Cooler Air Flow Isn’t Working


Evaporative Cooler Air Flow Isn’t Working To keep your evaporative cooling working strong get it serviced every couple of years. Evap coolers do have some common issues that we deal with, these are not issues that occur often but do account for common call-outs. In Melbourne Evaporative coolers are very popular air conditioners. And for … Read more

happy clients

We’ve used Harley plumbing 4 times now. Major repair of evaporative air con, 2 heating services and recently a full heater replacement. Very impressed. Always on time, explanations given, polite, friendly, knowledgeable staff (including office staff). We would definitely recommend them and will continue to use them.

Jennifer Brake

Service: Heating system repair

Impressed with Harley Plumbing! A friendly and efficient business - had a quote for me very quickly using photos taken by me (rather than requiring initial call out in person) and got installation of our replacement hot water unit done within 48 hours. All members of the team were very friendly! Thanks Ryan and Travis! :) Anna

Anna Marnock

Service: Water heater installation

These are the best plumbers by far. Harley Plumbing installed a new ducted heater within a day. Jamie's skill and attention to detail with this installation were impressive.
I also had Lachlan do some general plumbing, and also found him to be very skilled and personable as well.
Thankyou guys.

Maria and Vito Benincasa

Services: Faucet repair, Toilet repair, Installation

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