Evaporative Cooler Air Flow Isn’t Working

To keep your evaporative cooling working strong get it serviced every couple of years. Evap coolers do have some common issues that we deal with, these are not issues that occur often but do account for common call-outs.

In Melbourne Evaporative coolers are very popular air conditioners. And for good reason, they are affordable to run and provide cool breezy air throughout your home on hot summer days. Evap air conditioning is very reliable and does not have complicated electronic systems like refrigerated air conditioners, making them long-lasting also. All of this combined with the best bit – they are much cheaper to buy than refrigerated air conditioner units. Harley Plumbing service evap coolers and we are really experienced with repairs and faults. We will advise you the options and costs letting you decide how to proceed.

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No Air Flow or Intermittent Air Flow

This is the most common reason people call us for their evaporative cooling. The usual culprit for this is the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker prevents the unit from being damaged in a power surge. Simply reset the breaker and replace the fuse to get the unit’s airflow to restart.

Remove the old fuse and check the rating to identify which new fuse to purchase. Then replace. The circuit breaker is much easier to deal with as its a simple flip of the switch. Just make sure to check your appliance guide to see the ‘how to’. Or give us a call to come out and check out the breaker.

Faulty Thermostat

Evaporative cooling units work with a built-in thermostat which regulates the temp of the room. You select the desired temp for cooling and when the thermostat registers the room has reached the set temp the cooler will switch off. And switches back on when the temp goes back up.

A faulty thermostat means the room temp is not registered correctly and the evap system may switch off thinking the temperature has been met. Our plumber will check to see if we need to replace the thermostat or if it can be repaired. For a lot of evaporative coolers replacing the thermostat is an easy job. But for certain models, it can be a trickier job, one that definitely requires a plumber so its best to call us before any DIY attempt.

Faulty Wiring

If you have replaced the fuse and reset the circuit breaker and your evap cooling is still not working then it could be faulty wiring. Look at the wires leading to the breaker and fuse, they should look in good condition. If they are tight and discoloured then it may be faulty wiring. If there are any black patches around the spot where the wires attach to the circuit then the breaker might need to be replaced.

We will check to see when we replace the breaker if the existing wiring is still in good condition. The wiring may be easily repaired by being clipped and stripped. Or if they are unsafe in any way we will replace with new wiring.

Not Enough Voltage

To look at the voltage check the voltmeter installed in the power socket the cooling system is plugged into. This way you can tell us the current-voltage or we can just as easily check at the call out. It may be that the voltage is just not enough to provide continuous power. We can advise if you need a voltage stabilizer which will mean the breaker will trip less also, some areas in Melbourne have had issues with power surges over Summertime and a voltage stabilizer will work well in this instance.

Fan Motor and Belt

If we have checked all the above external factors and nothing is wrong it may be an internal fault, most likely the fan and belt. The fan belt may have come off the motor and if this is the case the fan will not work. We will check the belt for any damage and either put it back in place or recommend a new belt if it is too damaged.

A motor issue is going to be the most expensive of the issues. But conversely, this is the most uncommon reason you have no airflow to your evap cooling. We will advise if it’s going to be cost-effective to repair or your motor or im some cases to install a new evaporative cooling system. Especially if your current system is over 10 – 15 years old.

Is Evaporative Cooling Better than Air Conditioning?

This is dependant on many factors but evaporative coolers are great to cool your home due to the cheaper installation and running costs. And even the repairs are often cheaper as the system has less electronic components.

More information on Evap Cooling

Check out our Evap Cooling page for more information on evap cooling installation, service and repairs.


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