How often should my evap cooler get serviced?

Make sure your evap cooler powers through the new year in January and keeps your home cool. Cut down on energy costs by servicing your cooling pads to make sure the unit is running at peak efficiency. If your evaporative cooling system is not working properly then call us for a repair or service before it gets worse. There are some obvious reasons the evaporative cooler might not be working and we will take a look at all the reasons.

Filter pads 

Dirty filter pads mean the water cannot wet them thoroughly and they cant increase the moisture and coolness in the air blowing through. And that’s the main way your evaporative air conditioner works to cool your home down. The cooling efficiency system depends on the water supply to the filter pads.

Loose Ductwork

If any ductwork in the roof cavity has come loose by losing the insulation, plastic cover or plastic sleeve then the heat in the roof enters the system. Again making the cool air much less cool. Plus you are paying to cool your roof space which is a complete waste of money!

Dirty Pump

The water pump needs to be clean for the cool air to pump out. If it’s not maintained and serviced the pads will not get wet and stop the evaporative cooling system from working properly. You will just end up trying to adjust the temp but never getting the right cool temp.

Noisy Fan

Is your evap fan noisy or has it stopped rotating? Then it needs servicing or even replacement.

Maintenance of the Collector

The collector needs to be tested and tightened regularly to keep your evap cooler working.

Drainage Issues

Look at the drainage system, is the evap cooler leaking too much water or leaking into your home? The drain could be blocked or water valves need repair.

Regular Evaporative Cooler Service

Did you know an Evaporative Cooler should be serviced every 2 years? We recommend booking this in before summer but if it’s the heat of summer and you realise the evap system is not working well then call us. We can repair the evap cooler and service it at the same time.

Our Evaporative Cooling Services Include;

  • Check correct operation of the pump
  • Check correct operation of the fan (tension fan belt if applicable)
  • Check the correct water level
  • Check operation of the dump valve
  • Inspect and fix ductwork
  • Operate and Test

When we service your evaporative cooling system our team will clean the filter pads and water pump to remove dirt, dust and debris. Plus check the drain valve and water line for leaks. Go over the fan to make sure it’s in good condition and test the outlets for unrestricted airflow.

Benefits of an Evap Cooler

  • Runs quietly
  • Can leave some doors and windows open for fresh air
  • Adds moisture to the air
  • Low maintenance – every 2 years
  • Emits less carbon dioxide
  • Energy efficient

See our blog for more information on why an evap cooler is the best air conditioner

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