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With Melbourne’s dry hot summer climates evaporative coolers is a very effective air conditioner to cool your home. People often describe the cool air blown from an evap cooler as that of a cool coastal breeze. Cool air blown in from the water – which is effectively exactly how an evaporative cooler works. 

It may not feel like it now but hot summer days and nights are just around the corner. Unfortunately, COVID-19 restrictions have placed a high demand on our booking system, we have had some periods when restrictions prevented installation, therefore, pushing back our booked dates/times. We cannot guarantee a quick install if you leave your booking too late. Our strong advice is to book now before the hot weather rolls around. 

Every Melbourne summer we get an influx of booking for evap cooling installation and usually, we can book you in straight away. This summer we expect a much bigger demand as lockdown has slowed down installations plus we expect a bigger demand than usual as people have been waiting until restrictions are loosened. So book now and secure a spot before the hot nights make for sleepless nights. 

Why get an evaporative cooler?

The benefits of an evap cooler versus a refrigerated air conditioning system are energy efficiency and fresh, clean air. An evap system blows in fresh clean air the air is filtered as it is sucked in from outside. The filter system prevents dust particles making it a more hygienic and safe air conditioner.

Energy efficient

Evap coolers tend to be more energy efficient as they only use electricity for the fan and water pump. This means less power is needed to keep your home cool and of course, this means less expensive power bills. Cool your home cheaper with evaporative cooling.


Energy efficiency means eco-friendly. Evap cooling is better for the environment as it uses less power and emits less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Leave a lower carbon footprint with an evap cooler than a refrigerated air conditioner. The water used to cool the air is recirculated until is no longer clean enough, so water use is sustainable and eco-friendly.

How does evap cooling work?

Unlike a split system air conditioner, you do not have to shut every window and door in your home. This means you still get to enjoy the beautiful fresh air and not be shut in from the outside. 

An evap cooler uses the outside air to cool your home, the air is drawn from your roof unit and through wet pads which in effect creates a cool coastal breeze into your home. Ducts in your home then distribute the cool air throughout your home. 

Replacing your old evaporative cooler

Do you need to buy a new evap cooler because your old one is not working or need an update? We install;

  • Bonair
  • Brivis
  • Cool Air
  • Celair
  • Braemer
  • And many more

Give us a call and we can discuss your options making sure you get the best price for the right system. Technology has improved newer air conditioners and the energy efficiency is always better with a new evap – making your bills cheaper!

Newer models have more features such as

  • Wifi controls
  • Better warranties
  • User-friendly settings
  • Energy-efficient ratings

Service and Clean Evap Cooler

It’s important to service your evap cooler every two years, in fact, any air conditioner whether ducted or split system should be serviced every two years at least. Our team provides servicing and cleaning for all units. 

Service includes;

  • Check correct operation of the pump
  • Check correct operation of the fan (tension fan belt if applicable)
  • Check the correct water level
  • Check operation of the dump valve
  • Inspect and fix ductwork
  • Operate and Test

Evaporative Cooler FAQS

When do I need to service my air con?

We recommend at least every 2 years and do so before the heat of summer. Regular maintenance extends the life of your system and makes sure it’s working at top efficiency saving you money in the long run.

The air coming out from the air-con smells.

New air-con pads have a mild smell at the start but this fades. If your system is older a smell may indicate it needs service and cleaning. As the filters may be clogged.

Do I need windows open for the evap cooler to work?

Evap cooling uses airflow to work properly. The manual will let you know the manufacturer’s recommendations and we can on install advise the right spot to crack the window. If you are not sure we advise having at least one window open. 

How much water does my evaporative cooler use?

The water use is dictated by the evaporation rate of the pads. Hotter days will see more water being used with the cooler refilling perhaps every 30 minutes.

Why is my floor wet with condensation?

This may be because you do not have enough or any windows open for the right airflow ratio. Also, check if the vents are in the direction of the floor and move them upwards if they are. Another reason could be the filters are too dirty. 

Why is water coming out of the Evap Cooler?

Newer evaporative coolers should not leak water as they are designed with an auto drain valve. This means every 20 or so cycles they will flush the water. Older evaps have what is called a bleed system which empties water via a continuous flow from the drain outlet when the pump is on. 

Evaporative Cooling Tip!

It is most efficient to open (approximately halfway) the window in the rooms that you are cooling that are farthest from the vent. The open window is acting as an exhaust for the cooled air.

More benefits of evaporative cooling

  • It is a cost-effective option for cooling an entire house or office area.
  • Internal air becomes comfortably cool not uncomfortably cold.
  • Your evaporative air conditioner can be used to cleanse the air in your home e.g. cooking or smoking smells can be blown away.

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