Ducted Heating Tips – Save Money and Keep Warm

As Melbourne heads into another cold season homeowners are beginning to think about their ducted heating. Heating bills triple in winter and every year it seems we are having to switch on the ducted heaters earlier and earlier. Making autumn the start of heater season. We recommended servicing your ducted heater at least every 2 years. The service and clean makes sure the heater is working efficiently and most importantly cost-effectively. 

The ducted heating system works using a central heating unit to offer air at high temperatures. The air goes through heavily insulated ducts that are located in the ceiling or the roof. It is then connected to the vents found in different areas of the house. 

Follow our ducted heating tips to keep warm and save money on gas bills.

Tip One

When you get home, avoid turning your gas ducted heating up high. After a day out, you might find your house very cold, do not whack the thermostat up high. Every degree you turn it up adds 10% to your bill. So turning it up 5 degrees for a couple of hours is doubling your heater bill for those 2 hours. Modern ducted heaters generally have timers so set your for an hour before you come home from work. And the ideal temp would be 20 degrees. 

Tip Two

In case you have large windows, leave the curtains open to capture the afternoon natural solar power to get some warmth. It helps to warm your house naturally. The natural heat from the sun will help warm the home and when the sun moves, close the curtains to contain the heat.

Tip Three

If you have a ducted heater that uses zone heating make sure to utilise the function. Zone heating will usually work by zoning your bedrooms from your living areas. This means you can heat the rooms you are in, and not the rooms unoccupied. If you don’t have a zoned heater then you can manually shut the vents in spare bedrooms and rarely used spaces. You will save on your energy bill.

Tip Four

Stop any draughts in your home. Money and energy are lost when heating rooms with draughts. And close your curtains sooner than later, we don’t mean shut out the daytime but don’t hesitate to close at dusk. Closed curtains mean a room retains so much more heat and you could even turn down your heater one degree when you close the curtains saving 10% on bills at night. 

Tip Five

Know your thermostat; if you have one, it is advisable to upgrade it to a programmable one. It will help when you need to set it in advance and forget about it. A programmable thermostat will set the timer in the morning before waking up and in the evening before you get home. Imagine coming home to a comfortable, warm, welcoming home. In case you do not have one to upgrade, invest in one and ensure it is a programmable one. It is best for ducted heating.

 Tip Six

Get a gas ducted heating service to ensure the heater runs efficiently to save money and time. Such services help with your family’s safety from carbon monoxide leaks and emissions. It will also help in case of dust build-up. Servicing and repairing is essential to avoid any fire risks but also keeps your heater in the best condition extending its lifespan. Our Harley Plumbing team are experts in heater repairs Melbourne. 

Tip Seven 

Insulating your ceiling, walls, and floors is crucial to prevent any heat generated by the heater from escaping. It is an effective way to improve warmth and energy performance. In case your home is not insulated properly due to its age, have it insulated with modern materials to enjoy the stated benefits. 

These useful tips will help save you money while keeping warm. And if it has been more than 2 years since you had the ducted gas heater serviced book one in asap – we charge $180 plus GST for the first 30 mins. Then $35.45 + GST for each 15mins thereafter. Plus any costs for parts

Service includes:

  • Removing and washing burners
  • Remove and clean/replace pilot injector
  • Replace thermocouple (if applicable)
  • Clean flame sensors (if applicable)
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks (important to stop carbon monoxide from entering home)
  • Check burner pressure is set correctly
  • Check for correct operation of fan motor/capacitor (replace capacitor if required) additional cost.
  • Complete a full Carbon monoxide test throughout the home
  • Provide written report if requested.

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