How do I know if I Need a Plumber or its DIY

Looking for a plumber to fix your leak asap or wondering if it can be solved with a bit of good old DIY plumbing? We are located in Eltham and in emergency plumbing cases can get to you fast. We will also advise over the phone what to do to prevent further damage until we get to you. 24/7 leak detection plumbing to anywhere in Melbourne. The Harley Plumbing team have specialist leak detection equipment 

We use high-definition cameras to detect a blockage or other cause of the leak. 

Broken Pipes and Blocked Drains

Harley Plumbing is experts that specialize in the latest technology in the plumbing industry. You can be assured of quality service and on-time solutions. With an expert, it becomes easier for leak detection hence saving time and money. You will not need to remove or demolish any pipes to fix the damage. An expert will be able to fix the problem using a pipe re-liner and an inflatable bladder.

Drain repair is serious; it’s imperative to do it the right way the first time to avoid any future issues. Most of the time, when you need a drain repair or service, the property owner is responsible for the blocked drains. In case you need any further help, always call a qualified drain plumber. The plumber will use drain cameras to look out for any drain issues and blockages. There is no need to dig holes in your yard when looking for blockages, and the camera will do all the work.

Some of the drain cameras come with CCTV and fibre optics technology. The technology can easily detect the leak/blockage and in nearly all cases can be fixed on the same day. 

Drain Cleaning Tips

Simple drain cleaning can help avoid bigger problems down the road. Below are some of the useful tips when it comes to drain cleaning and servicing:

  • Run an empty load for your dishwasher and washing machine with half a cup of white vinegar. Not only will this help clean the appliance but it will help to clean the pipes and drains attached to the machine.
  • Every year remove pipes under the sink and inspect for any small blockage and wash the removable pipes with a mixture of hot water and a cup of vinegar.
  • Every couple of months pour ¾ cup of baking soda over the plughole of your sink, then pour ½ a cup of white vinegar over the baking soda. Leave for 30 mins and then run hot water for 2 minutes. You can also try this for a clogged drain but if it does not fix call out Harley plumbing for further inspection.

Plumber or DIY

Q – My toilet is making a gurgling noise. My toilet is making a clunking noise in the pipe. 

A – Any gurgling or clanking noises in the toilet pipes could indicate a sewerage block. This can quickly turn into a major issue with toilets overflowing and unable to be used. Call a Plumber if it’s still happening after you have used a plunger a few times. 

Q – My toilet water is really high or my toilet water is really low.

A – Toilets that have water levels too high or too low can mean drain issues. Again if after a couple of times using your plunger the water level is still an issue call us. 

Q- My tap is slowly leaking, my shower is always dripping.

A- Slow leaking taps or showers not only wastes water but means something is not quite right with the plumbing hardware. If left unchecked it could mean the taps or showerheads break completely causing much bigger water leaks. This is something that you need a plumber to fix. 

Q – My stormwater drains are clogged and overflowing. 

A- Clogged stormwater drains cause very damaging issues like gutter and roof overflows. These can cause major home or business damage with flooding. Costing thousands. This is a serious plumbing problem and you need a plumber ASAP. 

Q – My sink or drain is really smelly.

A – Smelly drains indicate the pipes are not emptying properly. The build-up will eventually cause the pipe to block and plumbing repairs will cost more. We suggest using a plunger and if the pipe is accessible like under the sink, take it off and look for any blockage that could cause the issue. But if the smell continues or there is no obvious waste found, call us. The issue will only escalate. 

Emergency Burst Pipes and Leaks

Sometimes a burst pipe can happen without you even realising. That is until a huge water bill arrives! As a local emergency plumber, we can get to your location within a couple of hours or less, be it Bundoora, Mill Park, Greensborough, Diamond Creek, Mernda, Wallan, Kew, St Helena, or Warrandyte. We service all the eastern and northern suburbs of Melbourne. 

Below are some of the indicative signs that you have a burst pipe:

  • You will have a huge water bill
  • Running water even when the taps are off
  • A soggy area in the garden that does not drain

Some of the reasons for burst pipes include old pipes, poor installation, and tree roots. Over time, the leakages can cause extensive damages. That is a definite reason to call for a plumber in case of any leaks or burst pipe; you should treat it as an emergency problem.

Causes of burst pipes


Most of the old homes have metal pipes; after many years, they will corrode and rust. That is one reason you need to have regular inspection and service to replace any bursts and cracks.

Hard Water

There are minerals in water that do not have any issues when at the right levels. When there is excess magnesium and calcium, the minerals will build upon the pipes’ walls. It will slow the water flow and speed up corrosion hence the pipes will burst.

Poor Installation

On most occasions, plumbing issues are brought about by poor installation. It is issues like pipes soldering or poor trenching. 

Call A Melbourne Plumber You Can Trust

Please contact us on 1300 768 457  and we’ll be happy to discuss your plumbing needs. Our staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Our decades of plumbing experience means our ability to assess, locate and offer the correct repairs, quotes and offer advice is second to none. It also allows for competitive quotes with absolutely no hidden charges. All of our quotes are upfront and you won’t be slugged any hidden cost at the end of the job.

All of our work is as environmentally friendly as possible. Plus, our Plumbers clean up after themselves. 

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    We’ve used Harley plumbing 4 times now. Major repair of evaporative air con, 2 heating services and recently a full heater replacement. Very impressed. Always on time, explanations given, polite, friendly, knowledgeable staff (including office staff). We would definitely recommend them and will continue to use them.

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    These are the best plumbers by far. Harley Plumbing installed a new ducted heater within a day. Jamie's skill and attention to detail with this installation were impressive.
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