Winter is Coming and the sun is starting to shine less. Chilly nights and frosty mornings are just around the corner. Do you need to service your ducted heater? The answer is yes at least every two years. The reason this is recommended is for a few main points. 

  • Extend the life of the ducted heating system
  • Test carbon monoxide
  • Check ducts connected 
  • Make sure the system is running efficiently

Book your gas ducted heater service with Harley Plumbing now to be ready for winter and make sure you are getting the most heat for the least buck. What we mean by that is if your heater isn’t regularly serviced you may be paying more in energy bills. It can be common for ducts to come loose and be heating your roof space. This will mean you find yourself turning up the temperature as the heat is not pumping directly through the ducts. And every degree you turn up adds 10% to your bill. So if you turn the thermostat from 19 to 22 that adds 30% to your gas bill! Heating bills soar during Melbourne Winter so get your ducted gas heater serviced to make sure every dollar works to its potential. 

How Much Does it Cost For a Heater Service?

Our Melbourne gas heater service price is $231 (inc GST) for the first 30 mins on-site then $39 (inc GST) for every 15 mins thereafter. Plus any part costs if required.

Service includes:

  • Removing and washing burners
  • Remove and clean/replace pilot injector
  • Replace thermocouple (if applicable)
  • Clean flame sensors (if applicable)
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks (important to stop carbon monoxide from entering the home)
  • Check burner pressure is set correctly
  • Check for the correct operation of the fan motor/capacitor (replace capacitor if required) additional cost
  • Complete a full Carbon monoxide test throughout the home
  • Provide a written report if requested

We make sure our prices are competitive and we work fast to keep the service costs low. To see exactly what we do at the service check our Service page.  Harley Plumbing service all types of gas heaters; ducted, wall furnaces and space heaters for example. 

Carbon Monoxide Testing

We test your heater’s carbon monoxide to make sure nothing is wrong. Every gas heater should have regular carbon monoxide testing. It is a legal requirement for rental properties in Victoria. The danger with carbon monoxide is that it is undetectable because it has no smell and cannot be seen. 

We have specialist equipment for carbon monoxide testing. And even though it’s very hard for you to detect an issue, look out for these signs.

  • The pilot light often goes out
  • The heater switches off slightly
  • The flame in the burner is a strange colour and shows soot
  • Higher than normal gas bills
  • If the flame is any colour other than blue – yellow and green means there is a problem
  • Leaking gas attracts humidity meaning condensation on windows and surfaces
  • A build-up of soot around the furnace, ceiling and walls of the heater

For more information see our Carbon Monoxide Testing Information page. 

Book in Now to Secure a Spot

The best time to service your ducted heater is in March and April before the cold sets in. And it’s recommended you do this every 2 years. Of course, you can book a service with us any time of the year. We suggest March and April as you will get a spot before the rush that always happens in May and June. The rush on bookings occurs because people realise there is a problem once they switch on their ducted heating and it isn’t working properly. 

Servicing your heater means you avoid it not working and when it’s 2 degrees in the morning with no heat coming from your heater there is nothing worse! Regular serving makes sure this doesn’t happen. 

And regular servicing of your heating will stop big money problems from occurring and save your power bills from being too expensive every year. Ducted heating systems are not a cheap investment, so they are worth keeping in tip-top shape. 

Why Get a Ducted Heater Service?

Some common issues caused by poorly serviced heaters are;

  • Increased power bills because of more energy used to power the system
  • Parts breaking down causing the heater to stop working 
  • Costly repairs and part replacements that could have been avoided
  • Loose roof duct or floor duct causing heat to escape under the house or into the roof
  • Smelly air coming out from the vents
  • Dust build-up in the system
  • Fire safety issues

A regular service (every 2 years) will prevent costly issues plus it is recommended by heater manufacturers also. Some of the issues listed are minor but leftover time becomes a bigger problem. And a regular gas heater service means smaller parts can be repaired or replaced before they turn into a system-wide breakdown costing thousands. Simple replacement of filters or filter cleaning is an example of something we attend to during service, that if left for years turns into an expensive fix.

Contact our Plumbing team for more information or to make a booking to service your heater. Keep toasty warm and safe during the freezing winter weather and make sure your power bills don’t go up because your heater isn’t working at its best!

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    We’ve used Harley plumbing 4 times now. Major repair of evaporative air con, 2 heating services and recently a full heater replacement. Very impressed. Always on time, explanations given, polite, friendly, knowledgeable staff (including office staff). We would definitely recommend them and will continue to use them.

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    Impressed with Harley Plumbing! A friendly and efficient business - had a quote for me very quickly using photos taken by me (rather than requiring initial call out in person) and got installation of our replacement hot water unit done within 48 hours. All members of the team were very friendly! Thanks Ryan and Travis! :) Anna

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    These are the best plumbers by far. Harley Plumbing installed a new ducted heater within a day. Jamie's skill and attention to detail with this installation were impressive.
    I also had Lachlan do some general plumbing, and also found him to be very skilled and personable as well.
    Thankyou guys.

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