What Rebates Are Available for Heat Pump Hot Water System 

If you’re considering replacing your outdated hot water system with a more efficient heat pump model, you might be in for a financial treat. To boost the use of renewable energy in hot water systems, both the federal and state governments in Australia are offering enticing rebates and financial incentives. Here’s a breakdown of the rebates you could access:

  • Solar Vic Rebate
  • STC

Switching to a heat pump system not only elevates your home’s energy efficiency but also positions you to take advantage of government solar hot water rebates. These incentives are designed to foster the adoption of renewable energy solutions, making it a smart move for environmentally conscious homeowners. Plus homeowners looking to cut the cost of living and reduce bills. 

Small-Scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Harley Plumbing is part of a nationwide program that provides significant cost reductions for installing Heat Pump Hot Water Systems through Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs).

What are STCs?

STCs are a form of renewable energy measurement that can be exchanged for cash or a discount on the purchase of a new heat pump system. The number of STCs earned is based on the increased efficiency of the new system. Each STC represents a megawatt-hour (MWh) per year of electricity saved by an eligible system.

How it Works

When you receive a quote from Harley Plumbing for your new heat pump hot water system, the STC discount will already be included. This discount from STCs varies widely, ranging from $35, depending on the efficiency and capacity of the new system. Harley Plumbing uses Greenbank to calculate the amount and it will depend on the efficiency and capacity of the new system. Typically the amount is around $935. Applying for the STC discount is a hassle-free process with Harley Plumbing because we handle all the necessary details, eliminating the need for you to conduct any research on your own.

This rebate directly reduces the purchase price of your heat pump hot water system. It’s simply a matter of some paperwork and we will lodge. In an emergency replacement, we can let you know what to do so you do not miss out on the rebate but also do not have to wait for the paperwork lodgment. So your system can be replaced straight away in an emergency. We can’t give you an accurate rebate quote until we lodge the paperwork as the STC is calculated daily and is variable based on new system specs. We have found an average rebate of around $2300 but this does vary from job to job. Harley Plumbing takes care of all the rebate issues – no dealing with third parties that can slow down the rebate. 

VEEC –  Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates

In the state of Victoria, the Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs) are a rebate opportunity for residents looking to update and grow their home’s energy efficiency. VEECs are essentially a measure of carbon dioxide emissions saved, quantified per tonne, through various energy conservation measures. The Victorian Government’s Energy Department provides a glimpse into the potential savings homeowners can achieve by adopting more efficient energy solutions. 

According to Vic Gov Energy, the average rebate you can expect is as follows;

  • Removing an inefficient electric water heater and installing a heat pump water system. Approximately $900 (amount is subject to change)
  • Removing an inefficient gas water heater and switching to a heat pump up $385 (amount is subject to change)

It’s important to note that the exact amount of the rebate is subject to change based on regulatory adjustments and program funding. So we can’t guarantee rebate amounts in the next few years. If you are thinking about switching to a heat pump hot water system now is the best time to do so. 

Solar Victoria’s Heat Pump Rebate

Victorians have the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of upgrading to an energy-efficient heat pump hot water system with the solar heat pump rebate offer. You could be eligible for a rebate covering 50% of the purchase price, up to a maximum of $1,000, for qualified heat pump hot water systems. While the process involves specific paperwork and eligibility criteria, our team at Harley Plumbing is here to navigate all the details for you.

Who Takes Care of the Rebate Paperwork?

Adopting a more energy-efficient heating system is a wise choice, but it often comes with the headache of navigating through extensive paperwork, particularly when aiming to benefit from available rebates and incentives. Harley Plumbing recognises the challenges this process can pose and is committed to alleviating the burden for you. We take on the responsibility of managing all the necessary documentation, ensuring a smooth and straightforward experience.

One of the key benefits we offer is incorporating the rebate value directly into our initial pricing. This approach eliminates the need for you to wait for rebate applications to be processed or to handle any additional paperwork on your own. We present you with the final cost upfront, after all rebates have been applied, giving you clear insight into the actual expense of upgrading your heating system.

By choosing Harley Plumbing, you’re not just upgrading to a more efficient heating solution; you’re also opting for a hassle-free process that’s financially transparent from the start. Our method ensures you’re fully aware of your out-of-pocket costs, deciding to switch not only environmentally sound but also financially savvy.

Savings with Heat Pump Rebates

When considering the switch to a heat pump hot water system, the collective savings from available rebates can significantly reduce the financial impact of your upgrade. By combining the rebates offered through the Solar Vic Rebate, VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates), and STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates), homeowners in Victoria can realise substantial savings. 

Here’s a summary of the potential savings:

STCs (Small-scale Technology Certificates): The discount from STCs varies widely, ranging from $70 to $1,000, depending on the efficiency and capacity of the new system. This rebate directly reduces the purchase price of your heat pump hot water system.

VEECs (Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates): For Victorians upgrading from an inefficient electric water heater to a heat pump system, the average rebate is approximately $900. Those switching from an inefficient gas water heater to a heat pump could see up to $385 in rebates. It’s important to remember these amounts are subject to change.

Solar Victoria’s Heat Pump Rebate: This rebate offers up to 50% off the purchase price, capped at $1,000, for eligible heat pump hot water systems. This is a significant upfront saving for homeowners looking to make the switch.

Total Savings

The exact amount you can save depends on the specific rebates you’re eligible for and the details of your upgrade. However, combining these incentives could potentially save you upwards of $2,000 or more on the cost of installing a new, more efficient heat pump hot water system. It’s a compelling financial incentive to upgrade sooner rather than later, especially considering the environmental benefits and the potential for long-term savings on energy bills.

Harley Plumbing simplifies this process by handling all the rebate paperwork and incorporating the rebate values into the upfront pricing. This approach ensures that you understand the full cost, including all rebates, from the beginning, making the decision to upgrade both financially transparent and hassle-free.

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