Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting

Gas fitting is work only permitted by a registered plumber in Melbourne, Victoria. Gas fitting pertains to the installation or repairing gas appliances in your home or business and ensuring safety and compliance checks are routinely completed.

This can include:

  • altering and repairing gas line
  • fixing or removing gas pipes
  • ensuring correct ventilation
  • ensuring correct combustion control
  • sizing consumer piping to suit additional appliances

Gas fitting is used in a wide capacity including gas Burners, Hot Water Systems, gas heaters and a range of other widely used products that require gas.


We have experienced tradesmen who are qualified and fully licensed to:

  • Design and install plumbing to bathrooms, laundries and kitchens.
  • Complete the “rough-in” stage to all wet areas.
  • Complete the “fitting-off” stage to all wet areas.
  • Service all gas appliances.
  • Complete the “rough-in” stage of all gas appliances.
  • Complete the “fitting-off” stage of all gas appliances.
  • That’s right! Harley Plumbing can also assist with all of your sanitary and gas fitting plumbing requirements.

We are still Open for Business

As announced by Daniel Andrews regarding stage 4 restrictions, Emergency Plumbers will continue their service to all residents of Melbourne. Harley Plumbing has specialised in Domestic Maintenance Plumbing for 20 years and we are on call 24/7 with fully qualified and highly experienced rotating teams. We will clear drains, unblock toilets, fix or replace hot water units, repair or replace heating units. Our emergency plumbers are available 24/7.



So for all emergency plumber needs please call us on 9432-4121 or 1300 768 457

Stay safe Victoria!


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